Do you need any experience for the courses?
None of the courses need any experience. We will have plenty of time for practice and get you to point where you will feel confident with the process. Though the handwelting course requires more knife control it is not necessity, just need to be extra careful and patient.  


Can I make non-leather (Vegan) shoes?
Yes. You can make shoes from fabric or vegan leather with rubber soling. All adhesives we use are vegan.


How do I book?
You can view available dates and secure your place here link


Can I buy a Course Gift Voucher?
Yes. Here is a list of available vouchers – www.theparachutecollective.co.uk/giftvouchers          


Can I pay in instalments?
Yes, we ask for minimum of 50% for course Please email info@theparachutecollective.co.uk to discuss payment options.


Are the course bookings refundable?
Unfortunately not, but if you need to reschedule to the next available date please email for further scheduling options.


Can I bring my own leather or upper Materials?

Yes of course, with footwear you can use a lot of different types of materials but some work better than others, for leather please insure it isn’t too thin or soft/large. It needs to be between 1mm-1.4mm. cow or horse hides works best. Fabrics, if you want to use fabric or synthetic material it will need a heavier cotton driller backer ironed on.             


Do I need to be in London to have bespoke shoes made for me?                       

No , if you are living outside London you will just need to contact me over telephone so I can go through some of the measurements I will need to insure a better fit. I will also be making a try on shoe of your design and can post it to you to ensure a proper fit. It may take a little longer but it is still 100% possible to get you a perfect shoe.

Any questions?

Don't hesitate to get in touch