Handmade footwear workshop in London.


The Parachute Collective is a London based community of shoemakers and leather artisans. The workshop is fully fitted to support all your shoe making needs from bespoke courses, having your own perfect shoe made for you, workshop spaces and machine and tool hire… making it Londons most versatile footwear workshops .

Check out the services we offer! All Courses are non refundable but we are happy to rearrange dates if necessary.


The Space.


Located in Stoke Newington, North London. Our workshop is set out to support independent creative artisans and offers a retail platform for Cordwainers from around the world. The workshop is fully fitted to support all your shoe making needs and a retail area is available to members who wish to display their creative works. 

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Meet Thomas.


Thomas Rowe moved from Canada to London in 2009 where he discovered his passion for shoemaking, After working part-time in T and F Slack Shoes Factory in London, Rowe moved away from the Factory setting and created his own bespoke shoe making business The Parachute Collective in the Autumn of 2013, making bespoke handmade to order footwear and running a full spectrum of Bespoke shoe courses to anyone who had their heart set on learning to make  their dream shoes come to life! Handmade shoes are not just beautiful works of craftsmanship, but a
reaction to today's wasteful throw-away fashion culture. Thomas makes footwear that will last and
perceives shoemaking as a nostalgic process for his clients to personally connect with. Whilst sticking to traditional crafting techniques, he takes great pleasure in hand-making truly one-off creations as well as classic and timeless styles.

His other great passions are writing music and putting together works of poetry, making collage prints. Thomas performs in a London based band called Mass Datura.