Master Craftsman Hand Welting Course

Master Craftsman Hand Welting Course


Learn the full spectrum of bespoke handmade footwear. Discover how to design and construct a shoe, finishing with handwelting, the strongest handmade sole construction made to date.

1/9/2018 - 14/9/2018:
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This course is perfect for students intending to learn the full spectrum of bespoke handmade footwear.

Ending the course with the bygone era style of Handwelting, one of the strongest sole constructions ever made to date. The process of using an Oak bark bend tanned in the South of England, carving and channelling a holdfast, stitching your welt on by hand using a large selection of knives, hand tools and traditional stitching methods.


Day One:

  • Measuring feet

  • Selecting correct last and altering if necessary for fit

  • Taping and Designing 3d shoe on last

  • In-depth 2D upper and lining Pattern making

Day Two:

  • Finishing up pattern making

  • Midsole pattern making

  • Clicking and closing upper and lining (mock up)

Day Three:

  • Finishing closing of mock up upper and lining

  • Cutting midsole

  • Soak and moulding midsole

Day Four:

  • Hand Lasting Mock up (demo)

  • Altering patterns if needed

Day Five:

  • Clicking final upper and lining leather

  • closing upper with from selection of leather provided

Day Six:

  • continue closing final upper, prep for lasting

  • Soaking oak bark midsole and wet moulded to last overnight

Day seven:                                             

  • Trimming midsole to feather edge

  • Carving Traditional welting holdfast

Day Eight:                 

  • Hand lasting Lining and Upper to midsole

Day Nine:                          

  • Prepping waxed thread and needles for welt

  • Hand Stitching welt on through holdfast (choice of Flat welt or Storm Welt)

  • Shanking and Corking bottom of midsole

Day Ten:                      

  • Attaching seat if ¾ welt

  • Sole pattern

  • Attaching leather sole bend

  • Trimming sole to welt

Day Eleven:     

  • Stitch Outer sole

  • Stacking Heel leather/ sanding and waxing

  • Attaching Heel

Day twelve:               

  • Glass sanding sole and heel

  • Bees wax Iron glaze finish

Day Thirteen:                   

  • Sock pattern / attaching sock

  • Attaching metal toe piece or tack detail.

  • Aglet attached to shoe laces

Day Fourteen:                     

  • Polishing and final touches

  • Course review and Q & A / Supplier detail exchange







12-15 days, 11am-5pm, Mon - Fri

These days do not need to be consecutive. We can work to your schedule. Please get in touch to discuss.


27b Belfast Road, London N16 6UN


Included — you may bring any of your own if there is something you want to try out.