Sneaker Class

Sneaker Class

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For all those who have always dreamed of designing their or sneaker/runner 8 day bespoke Sneaker course is a perfect start to a live long obsession.

Making any style from Skateboard shoes to basketball prototypes. With the option of glued Micro foam soling or vulcanised cup-sole.   


Day One:

  •  Measuring feet 
  •  Selecting correct last and altering if necessary for fit
  •  Taping and Designing 3d shoe on last
  • In-depth 2D upper and lining Pattern making 

Day Two:

  •  Finishing up pattern making
  •  Midsole pattern making                                                             
  • Clicking and closing upper and lining (mock up) 

Day Three:

  •  Finishing closing of mock up upper and lining 
  •  Cutting midsole                                                  
  • Soak and moulding midsole

Day Four:

  •  Hand Lasting Mock up (demo) 
  •  Altering patterns if needed 

Day Five:

  •  Clicking final upper and lining leather 
  •  closing upper with from selection of leather provided                                              

Day Six: 

  •  continue closing final upper, prep for lasting     


Day seven:        

  • Hand lasting lining and upper                    
  • Corking and Shanking midsole                 
  • Hand sanding feather edge                    

Day Eight:                 

  • Attaching Cup-sole             
  • Creating micro soling unit and attaching. 




8 days, 11am-5pm, Mon - Fri

These days do not need to be consecutive. We can work to your schedule. Please get in touch to discuss.


27b Belfast Road, London N16 6UN


Materials include, you may bring any of your own if there is something you want to try out. Shoes will be posted to a Northampton factory to be vulcanised and posted back to you.